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When you think of maintaining your general health, you probably think of things like getting plenty of exercise and rest, eating foods that provide proper nutrition, and keeping our stress levels down. However, in recent years, the possibility of a strong connection between oral health and your body’s overall health has been found. As medicine evolves at lightning speed, smart doctors are thinking more holistically about their patients’ health. And this approach starts with taking oral health into consideration whenever other health issues arise.

A recent study showed that people who have serious gum disease are much more likely (as much as 40%) to have another chronic condition elsewhere in their body. For many people who hear this for the first time, the reaction is disbelief. But consider this:without proper oral care such as regular brushing and flossing, bacteria buildup on your teeth results in your gums being vulnerable to infection. If the gums do become infected, and are not properly taken care of, a severe disease of the gums called Periodontists occurs.

Periodontitis affects the body’s overall health due to its connection to diabetes. The gum inflammation from periodontitis affects how the body uses insulin, which the body needs to change sugar into energy. Furthermore, infections can thrive when the body has high levels of blood sugar. This, if you don’t see your general dentist or orthodontist, can in turn lead to problems with blood pressure or increase the risks of heart attack or stroke.

Another aspect of your general health that gum disease affects is bone loss. That periodontitis attacks your jawbone and surrounding bones should not be surprising; that it’s possible the disease could weaken other bones in the body probably is. It’s also highly debatable and, thus, the subject of much current research.

Since the possible connection between oral health and overall health has only recently come to light, the actual impact of mouth health on the rest of the body is not well known, so researchers are trying to bridge the knowledge gap. As such, oral health has been linked to people with serious lung conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, and high levels of body fat.

Again, the links between oral health and your overall health are not undeniable; however, there is much evidence that strongly suggests clear, even two-way, connections. Regardless, you should continue to brush and floss daily and watch your diet to maintain your good health.

So the next time you have a condition that requires you to see your cardiologist or orthopedist, don’t be surprised if he or she recommends you also see your general dentist or orthodontist. If no such recommendation is made, though, maybe it would be wise to do it on your own.

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